My Screen Recorder Pro

My Screen Recorder Pro Version 4.1 Free trial

Record and Save all your screen activities including desktop, menus, cursors and videos even with sound

Do you want to record all your activities on your PC screen?
The solution to this is My Screen Recorder Pro. The software allows you to save your PC screen to WMV, AVI, FLV and MP4 files.
You can make a video to show the features of any website or software, training oriented movies or any task that requires you to capture the activities on the desktop with the help of this software (is My Screen Recorder Pro). While making the video you can also record your voice by speaking into the microphones to give audio instructions along with the video. It is perfect for chat applications on the internet because you can record from speakers and the microphones at the same time.
My Screen Recorder Pro allows you to
• Make a perfect demo using the cut and join feature of the software
• Organize all your recordings for easy management in your personal folder
• Option of recording the full screen, a specific window or a selected region to record
• Emphasize and explain important points using its drawing feature
• Emphasize clicks using Mouse effects
After you are done with the video, you can distribute it in many ways. You can make AVI files, having fully controlled audio and video characteristics or you can make videos in Microsoft Windows Media (MWV), Flash FLV format and MPEG-4, which make very small sized files that are specifically tailored for distributing on the websites or through a streaming server.
You can also make self-running executable, self-contained videos that are perfect to be distributed on DVD-ROM or CD-ROM (containing their own player) with the help of My Screen Recorder Pro.
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